Permanent Beauty. - Nikoletta Hulyák

Medical pigmentation

Whether through accident, illness or otherwise...

visible traces left on the skin sometimes simply don’t have to be!

Medical micropigmentation gives back a unique measure of quality of life.

Through the skilful concealment of unwanted areas or the reconstruction of nipples, hairlines, etc., you will feel comfortable in your own skin again. You will have a more beautiful appearance and other positive effects on your well-being.

I treat all people with scars, stretch marks, hair loss, cleft jaw and palate, hypopigmentation, burns etc.

Most of the time, fellow human beings look to me for a solution to their suffering after they have already gone a long way. I have learned how moving the decision can be to finally come to terms with the solution by means of medical micropigmentation.

Something has already led you this far. That’s why I promise right here that everything we discuss will be treated absolutely confidentially and a conversation with me will not lead to any obligation.

If you would like to learn more, you are always welcome to talk to me without obligation about the possibilities of medical micropigmentation.


What I can do for you

Application areas

Nipple (areola) pigmentation / reconstruction

To all women and men who have not given up their fight against breast cancer

Brows pigmentation / reconstruction

In the event of partial or total loss due to chemotherapy, accidents or other causes.

Lip pigmentation

due to scars caused by herpes labialis, in case of ectopic sebaceous glands, loss due to surgery etc.

Even out skin tones

to the natural skin color in case of burns, scars or other causes

Hairline reconstruction

Cover areas with hair loss

Covering pigmentation spots

to balance the natural skin tone

Connective tissue stimulation

for natural healing of stretch marks

"My passion is to bring out the inner beauty of each person"

Nikoletta Hulyák


What I can do for you

Permanent Make Up Lidstrich


Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up Lippen


Permanent Make Up

Medizinische Mikropigmaentation

Medical Dermopigmentation

Medical Dermopigmentation