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Permanent Make Up Solothurn

Make your life easier and get your time back

Time should be your friend, not your enemy.

Do you often feel like the waves are crashing over your head, like everything and everyone is working against you?

You’ve managed to get to bed late because you’ve been working overtime again, and even your home and family responsibilities have been waiting.

Just the thought of waking up in the morning tired and feeling like your whole week is over is making you tense.

Then your morning started not only tired, but in a hurry, and you didn’t have time for the most important thing, yourself, your well-being.

No more pleasant wake-up, no more planned outfit, no more make-up. Sound familiar?

You want to correct an old tattoo?

Permanent Make Up Solothurn

Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up

Your own path to beauty

Personalized treatments for...

Permanent Make Up Augenbrauen

Eyebrows Tattoo

From the hyper-realistic technique to the powder technique, for those who prefer a natural look.

Get your natural best look

Permanent Make Up Lippen

Lips Tattoo

A contourless labello effect for those who prefer a completely natural look. For the more daring, all the stronger colours from cherry to rose red are available.

Sexy & Natural

Permanent Make Up Lidstrich

Eyes Tattoo

For eyelid enhancement, anything from soft satin to a more pronounced eyelid contour is possible. The result is definitely an optically enhanced look.

Always a deep gaze



Weight gain, weight loss or post-pregnancy cracks in the buttocks and abdomen area, there is a solution to this common problem even.

Rewind your age

You will...

shine after spending some time with me.

Feel that you did something deeper and bigger for your health and confidence. 

Let your femininity flow, and your life will be much more precious.

You'll be

Sexy, Succesful & Satisfied

"My passion is to bring out the inner beauty of each person"

Nikoletta Hulyák


What I can do for you

Permanent Make Up Lidstrich


Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up Lippen


Permanent Make Up

Medizinische Mikropigmaentation

Medical Dermopigmentation

Medical Dermopigmentation

Permanent Make Up


Is your make-up tattoo old, faded or discolored?
If you’re worried about time and a natural look, don’t hesitate! It’s time to feel comfortable in your skin again!

Send me a selfie of your make-up tattoo

without make-up or filters and I will evaluate it for you for free!