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Permanent Make Up Correction

Is your make-up tattoo old, faded or discoloured?

Then you can’t have a tattoo if it’s still a hassle to make it look natural every morning.

But that’s the whole point of a make-up tattoo, isn’t it, to save time -especially- in the morning?

Don’t worry, there is a solution! And I don’t mean lasers! I just do tattoos!

Thanks to my special techniques, I can bring those old, worn areas back to life. Whether it’s greyish, reddish or purple eyebrows, faded or even overly pronounced eyelid contours, which I usually neutralise, I can fade outdated lip contours and give a natural effect to the lips.

Fashion has to move with the times and an unnatural look is not aesthetically pleasing.

If you are concerned about time and a natural look, don’t hesitate. It’s time to feel good in your skin again!

If you feel I can be of help, Whatsapp me some close-up photos of your makeup tattoo in need of repair, without makeup and filters, so I can be prepared to receive you for a personal consultation.

Looking forward to your photos! 😊

What I can do for you


Faded or reddish, purple, bluish eyebrows

If you have faded or discoloured eyebrows, such as reddish-blue or purple, I use a mixture of a few special colours to give you a natural look again.

Unfashionable lip contour or "cheap colour"

According to the tattoo and the basic lip colour, I lighten the not very aesthetic contour and/or harmonise the overall lip colour for a natural look.

Discoloured, too strong or old-fashioned eyelid contour

I'll definitely make the colour natural and if you like, I'll lengthen the ends, and if that's still not enough, I can also lightly shade the entire contour. The end result is a super trendy and natural eyeshadow contour.

Wrong shape

If your eyebrows, eyelids or lips were misshapen in your last tattoo, I can still make them look better, but it depends on the size of the mistake and how far out of the norm the borders are. It's worth a photo in any case!

You'll be

Sexy, Succesful & Satisfied

"My passion is to bring out the inner beauty of each person"

Nikoletta Hulyák


What I can do for you

Permanent Make Up Lidstrich


Permanent Make Up

Permanent Make Up Lippen


Permanent Make Up

Medizinische Mikropigmaentation

Medical Dermopigmentation

Medical Dermopigmentation